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about the practitioner

Marceline is a nationally board certified and licensed massage therapist, reflexologist, infant massage instructor and holistic health provider.  She is also certified in pregnancy- and sports massage, as well as Touch for Health.  

Furthermore, Marceline is a certified B.E.S.T. therapist having studied with Dr. M. Morter, Jr, developer of the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, a product of his fifty years of research in alternative care for health.  She also received her certification with Dr. Berg who developed A.S.E.T. (Acupressure Stress Elimination Technique) during his 19 years of research in problems of resistant weight due to hormonal imbalances.  

Additional expertise:

  • Option Trained Dialogue process with Barry Neil Kaufman;
  • Reflexology with Dr. Manzanares, M.D. with the focus on ADHD, one of the most common childhood brain disorders;
  • Facilitating groups with T.R.E. (Tension Stress & Trauma Release Exercise), a series of gentle stretching exercises assisting the body safely in releasing deep muscular tension by means of our natural mechanism of tremors which calm the nervous system.  To find out more about this technique developed by Dr. D. Bercelli, PhD visit

Marceline gladly provides you all she learned over her 14 year experience in the field, working her way to Wellness Workshops.

Born and raised in Belgium, as youngest in a family of five children, she quickly learned from experience that one’s mindset dramatically defines the body’s potential.  Her three children strengthened her belief in intuition and taught her to simplify life toward ease of being.  Marceline lives what she practices.

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