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My first of three pregnancy massages was spectacular. Already looking forward to the next one. Thank You Marceline, I appreciate you educating me on reflexology along the way.  --  Carla R.


This is a slice of heaven on Earth. --  Sandy V.


Marceline has made my massage experience unlike anything I have felt before. While my body is completely relaxed I feel as though my soul has been rejuvenated. --  Susan K.


A massage by Marceline is simply heavenly. All the tension in my body melted away. --  Rosemary


This is to confirm that the severe swelling and pain in my left knee that came about on a flight from Boston to Baton Rouge last fall is now completely gone!  And I think it is thanks to your therapy, as nothing else seems to have made a dent in the pain especially.  I’ve had trouble with my knees since my early 20s but have through exercise and other care generally managed it fairly well for nearly 45 years.  But this time, nothing seemed to really get at the swelling or the pain – not braces, or medications or even elevation.  Soon there were other aches as a result of compensating for the pain in my left knee.  Your second session reduced the pain considerably and the third session has left me pain-free for more than two weeks and with a recovering gait, stature and posture as well.  I had almost given up hope of living without chronic pain, awkwardness and fear of more damage.  “My” Marceline, I can’t thank you enough! --  Anne B. 


Thanks so much for following through with this, Marceline. Neither of these locations is very close to Boulder but we have family members in Colorado Springs who will probably be interested. And who knows... I may try him myself. I doubt that either John or Todd will be as comfortable and refreshing as you. It's not often that I leave a massage feeling so energized and clear-headed. It was a wonderful treatment, and I thank you.  --  Karen 


I had experienced a knee injury that caused near constant pain.  I visited an orthopedist, participated in physical therapy for 6 months, had CT scans + an MRI without sustained relief. Marceline performed muscle testing one day after I casually mentioned my knee pain.  The results were amazing, I immediately felt relief from the pain + stiffness and although she mentioned it could take 3-4 treatments for sustained relief, it only took the 1.  The symptoms I had experienced for a year & a half have been gone for a year now and I am able to run and participate in yoga to the extend I could before the injury. --  Anonymous


Marceline was phenomenal.  Her energy was contagious & filled with good vibes, incorporating hot stone soothed and healed.  Her stretching was mild yet enough pressure. I would highly recommend her and will definitely request her in my next massage. --  Lisa


That was amazing, Thank You, I feel ready for tomorrow. You have a true gift. --  Leanne   (bachelorette bride, day before wedding day)


I refer her often. Marceline is always wonderful, peaceful + natural. --  Anonymous


Thank You in advance for this brief island of peace, serenity and relaxation.  Marceline, from my previous session with you, I know I will feel better when I leave.  I will for a short time have left the stresses of my life behind. --  Carol 


I have been a regular client of Marceline Parent for more than 2 years.  As an athletic individual, I recognize the great benefit of massage to speed healing of injury, improve recovery time, and increase performance.  However, these benefits do not only accrue from the purely physical approach used by many massage therapists today.  Marceline has combined her excellent technique, gained from endless hours of experience, with a deep knowledge of the interaction of mind and body, learned from continuous study of both conventional and alternative treatment regimes.
In my case, this has helped me to achieve well-being in both my mental and physical pursuits.
Since I have started working with Marceline, I have reversed the decline in athletic performance I was experiencing on the basketball court, on my bicycle, and in other areas.  Long-term, chronic conditions have subsided or disappeared altogether.  In fact, I am in the best shape of my life -- an unexpected result for someone in his 50s!  But, even more wonderful is the improvements I have found both professionally and emotionally.  I have achieved a level of life satisfaction that I did not think possible.  This was not one of my goals when I began this therapy, but one which Marceline has worked towards and demonstrated is possible.
I highly commend Mrs. Parent to any individual looking to better their integration of physical, mental, and emotional realms. --  Jeff K.


Marceline, I want to express my thank you for the wonders you worked on my neck and shoulder.  I have had problems and pain in my neck, along with resulting nerve pain in my left arm, from a distended c5 disk in my neck, for over 20 years.  I thought I had explored all possible sources of relief, short of surgery:  physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, steroid injections.  Then a friend of mine suggested massage and recommended you.  Having you as a therapist, and after just 4 sessions, the nerve pain - along with the neck and shoulder pain - has disappeared.   Thank you again!! --  Susan 




Thank You for the TLC for myself and my staff today.  We enjoyed having you. Sincerely,  --  Christine


...were not even close to professional as you, Marceline. Thank You!  --  Anonymous



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