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Investment in your health is worth a million, to feel like a million...

How much, would you say, is it worth for you to become, or stay healthy?  We suggest for you to come up with a monetary value and split the amount over the course of the year, and schedule your appointments accordingly: per week, per month, per season, or... this very one time.



30 minute session



Following Services are provided on-site or in studio locations

Chair Massage

Massage and Bodywork

Sports Massage

Pregnancy Massage



T.R.E  (Tension/Trauma Release Exercise) developed by dr. Bercelli, PhD

A.S.E.T  (Accupressure Stress Elimination Technique) developed by dr. Berg DC

B.E.S.T  (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) developed by dr. Morter DC


All services available in the following timeframes:

  30 minute session   $ 60                30 minute session

  1 hour session        $ 90                60 minute session

  90 minute session   $130               90 minute session

  2 hour session        $ 160               2 hour session


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Also available upon request:


Touch for Health

Option Trained Dialog


Hot Stones

Rain Drop


Infant Massage Training

Wellness Workshops

Corporate or Social Events



For chronic pain relief Marceline will gladly help you develop your customized integrated wellness program. 

Book at least a 90 minute session for multiple services in one session. Enhancements to massages like: Rain Drop, hot stones, A.S.E.T (Acupressure Stress Elimination Technique), B.E.S.T (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique), Option trained dialog
could use at least 60 minutes.




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